I help people transition and land their dream role in Product Management through my Hyper Personalized Coaching 

By using my proven technique & your transferable skills, lets make it in happen within next 90 days. Want to know more?

Business Entrepreneur

Hi, I am 'Serin'

As a Product Career Coach, I specialize in helping individuals like you start your career in Product management through my Hyper Personalised Programs.

After spending 11 + years in the industry with global companies like Zomato, Gojek, FoodPanda as Product Manager . I understand the unique challenges and requirements of this field and can provide you with the knowledge, strategies, and support needed to start.

Whether you're a recent graduate exploring product management as a potential career path or an experienced professional seeking to make a strategic shift, I am here to help you get to the finish line aka starting a product management career.

My Students work in Facebook, Linkedin, Uber, OLA, UST, Adobe & 30 + companies

Hear what they have to say

Serin is very knowledgeable in the Product space and uses a structured approach to the sessions to maximize value from the conversation. Thanks Serin for the time and effort you put into our call.

Rahul Jacob

Product, Uber

Serin is a thorough professional , resourceful and a good listener. He patiently listened to my queries , understood the career goals I want to achieve and gave me action oriented guidance for the same.

Megha Mathpal

Oracle, ISB

Serin has a wealth of industry knowledge and experience and provided valuable guidance throughout the session. He's an excellent resource for anyone looking to advance their career in product management.

Gagan Bansal

PM, Mobile Programming LLC, USA

My Mission

Redefine Education
 Empowering Purposeful Lives

My mission is to enable individuals to discover their true passions, align their careers with their purpose, and unlock their full potential.

My Expertise

Digital Coaching
Product Management Coaching

With over 11+ years of experience in Product Space , I have both hands on expereince & expertise in coaching to help you.

My Community

Business Growth Hub
Product  Tribe 2.0

Product Tribe 2.0 is a community of product leaders, who are passionate about product and is here to make a difference doing this craft.

3 Steps To Start a Career in Product Management

Step 1

Analyze if this career matches your aspirations

As a coach I will start by conducting an assessment of your current skills, interests & match it with required skills for a Product Manager. This step helps you identify if Product Management is a right career option for you & give clarity on areas to upskill.

Step 1
Step 2

Step 2

Develop a customized plan

Once we together identify that this Career suits you, the next step is work with with you to develop a customized plan to bridge the skill gaps & create a Plan to get to that first milestone, getting that first product role.

Step 3

Get that first Product Management Job🚀

The next step is where you have to take action. During this phase, as a coach i will work closely with you to provide resources, ongoing support and guidance. With your execution & my guidance, you will land that first opportunity!

Step 3

Product Tribe 2.0

With over 5000+ members and growing, we are building a new breed of product leaders who can put a dent in this world!.

Coaching Plans

I understand your Goals & Challenges first before suggesting any coaching plans. Attend my free 1:1 call to discuss more & work with me.

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